About Rummy – How to Play

Rummy is an American version of rummy nugs that originated in Trinidad and Tobago. This game is one of the most popular card games in the world. You can buy rummy online or in retail stores in America, UK, Australia and India. You can also get the game in the bricks and mortar games shops. In this article you will learn how to play rummy.

Rummy Objective

The objective of rummy is to arrange the thirteen cards in regular piles and legal sequences. To win the game for you have to create minimum two legitimate sequences, from which one must be pure valid sequence and rest of the must be combinations. Without any pure sequence you can’t create a valid rummy claim.

In basic rummy game the player starts with five cards in his hand. Player can place them in any order he likes and choose one card from the top of the pile. The remaining five cards are then placed randomly in the four different suits in a joker that has a face value of one to nine. After all the cards have been placed in the joker place the joker that has the highest face value at the top of the deck.

In other words if the rummy sequence is a group of three or more it means that a single card of this suit will be randomly chosen from among these cards. A joker can have different suits or can have same suit and still vary in value depending on the suit it is in. A high value rummy claim will have a single card of higher value compared to a low value one. So you should be careful with your rummy claims to ensure that you make a high value claim or else you can easily get out with the help of other players.

How to Play Rummy

Now that we have defined what a rummy circle is let us define how to play rummy. There is no specific strategy that you should follow to win all the time but rather you should try to win some games and keep trying till you get good enough. If you feel that you are losing in a particular game or you are unable to win a particular game then you should quit that game and try something new. You should never get too greedy and spend a lot of money on an entry fee for rummy contests as you cannot win all the time in such contests.

Rummy Online

You can also get involved in rummy competitions at the best online rummy sites in India. Here you will not be asked to guess the cards but you are given a list of the possible combinations so that you can identify the correct card sequences by yourself. When you participate in online rummy games you do not need any kind of entry fee or even a smart card. You can simply visit the website of the company and sign up as a free member and then you can start playing and winning all the money that you want.